No Worries About Best Exchange Currency Rates With a Global Currency

The people of the world need stable income. No more will they must take care of currency exchange prices and the best exchange money exchange. If a single global currency controlled by a worldwide central bank within a global fiscal marriage was implemented the huge benefits can be quantified in the trillions, yearly.

Take the Euro it still exists in the multi-currency planet, 200 cad to usd where the worth of the euro will differ from other currencies – sometimes wildly as recently. In case 16 states can utilize the same currency, why not the 192 UN members? Those 192 states use 141 monies but the number is falling annually.

Surely it wont be that long before the 25 EU members will be a portion of the European Monetary Union, also from that time, there will undoubtedly become more EU members to include. Several of those remaining non-Euro EU members are currently searching admission. The IMF has even urged several EU members to Euroize even before they join the EEC. .

Yet another huge advantage with a international money is that as well as eliminating currency fluctuations, the use of one global currency would get rid of the present foreign currency trading expenditure of US$400 billion annually (a little percentage of their $3.8 trillion traded daily); eliminate currency risk; expel current account imbalances; expel the demand for foreign exchange reserves (now totaling more than $6 trillion); and bring other benefits worth trillions, such as reducing the impact of global financial turmoil such as individuals are now undergoing.

The Single Global Currency Association promotes the execution of a single global currency by 2024, the 80th anniversary of the 1944 summit. Thats just 15 years away.

In the meantime currencies and money exchange rates will naturally continue to fluctuate. If you have to transfer money abroad directly into a different currency you’re subject to market forces. There are however ways to obtaining the absolute best exchange currency speed, eliminating most, possibly all costs and very importantly in this particular climate making sure that your money is completely secure.

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