St Croix, Invisible to the World, Thanks to the Media

I am writing to highlight the plight of the US Virgin Islands right after receiving a devastating’knock out’ by hurricane Irma and Maria.

Your afternoon before Hurricane Maria demolished Puerto Rico, Sept 20, 2017, ” she ruined the usa Virgin Islands, also referred to as the America’s Paradise, a set of islands in the Caribbean that can be found 40 miles (64 kilometers ) east of Puerto Rico. Even the U.S. Virgin Islands include the Principal islands of St Croix, St John, St Thomas and Water Island.

For some peculiar reason, the media policy is almost nonexistent. I have debated this question for decades,’If a tree falls in the woods, also there’s nobody around to hear, does it make a noise?’ I’ve flipped-flopped for decades,”certainly it made a No and sound it did” But after the shortage of coverage during and immediately after the catastrophic effects that has crippled St. Croix from Hurricane Maria, ” I won’t ever disagreement (with that question) back again. Yes, even in the event the tree fell within the woods, it made a noise. While there is deficiency of media policy of the catastrophic storm, sure, Maria wrecked St. Croix

All lines of communications were lost while families and friends flooded social media together with cries and prayers, simply wishing they can hear one word regarding their loved ones. Strangers cried as folks posted frantic emotional messages concerning their loved ones. Nobody cared in case the man was black or white, male or female, Muslim or Christian, Straight or Gay, Democrat or Republican,” Trump lover or Trump hater, the gift of existence was in peril and that is all everyone cared about how to hack whatsapp.

The next day, Thursday, Sept 7, not only a social media article, not even a mobile call, perhaps not even the only minor blue checkmarks that usually appeared on Whatsapp was visible. Subsequently on Friday, Sept 8, I got a whats app communication,”Hi my friends and family relations. I’m nice and therefore might be my daughters. The island is in destroy. Thank God… we have been alive. The hospital has been damaged and has to be left handed. I am at work now but all the patients will be outside by tomorrow. Thanks for checking. Maintain praying. Really like you! Stan.” My good friend (with whom I talked ) was just a nurse in St. Thomas hospital also when I obtained his opinion I had been relieved I finally obtained a note that there’s life around St. Thomas, however afterward water flooded my eyes, my own fellowmen lives stay in jeopardy. I felt helpless and also that is the worst sense. There is perhaps not an exact count however, however Irma maintained some lives on St. Thomas.

Irma turned a world known travel vacation destination, St. Thomas & St. John, into rubbles. The roofing of this hospital was torn away and water came knocking in. Unexpected emergency efforts began almost instantaneously to air lift patients out of St. Thomas healthcare facility into Puerto Rico and St. Croix respectively. While relief has been on just how for those individuals, the Crucian individuals felt that the burning desire to accomplish some thing to aid their sister’s islands. St. Croix folks commenced their rescue efforts and wealthy boats using examples of bottle waters, foods, generators, clothes, and anything that they could receive their fingers on, to transport St. Thomas. Even the Crucians even place up temporary dining places on St. Thomas to provide the people alluring fresh new meals for breakfast, dinner and lunch. On their way back again into St. Croix, some persons of St. Thomas and St. John ended up shipping to St. Croix. Their initiatives lasted until the alarm appeared that a Category 5 Hurricane was direct course to St. Croix with winds more than 165 mph.

The nighttime of Sept 19 has been the 2nd greatest nights the life. I stayed up crying during the night, simply imaging the destruction of Hurricane Maria. Blowing away galvanized roofs, breaking electric sticks, uprooting big mahogany trees, flood people’s homes and shredding everything inside her route. I began initially to re-live 28 decades ago when I witnessed Hurricane Hugo which visited and devastated St. Croix. At that point adventure was my most worst. It absolutely was the greatest evening of my own life span. I was 1-5 years old and that I bear in mind about 10pm whenever the roof just peeled off and within seconds all I noticed were both shameful heavens and the noise of galvanize colliding in the gushing winds. My moms and dads, 5 of my brothers and I remained near to each other once we all conducted into another house that was unfinished. We concealed behind the walls. Our house had a finished roof, however not any windows or doors. Along with also my dad didn’t board up the chimney until the storm. After the hurricane had been over, the roofing for this house remain undamaged, thank God. That night that my mother and I slept to the sheet of plywood onto the wet cold concrete floor. The next morning, the island lacked the stays of a battle field. The full landscape was brown as if the entire island was put on fire with an malicious team of gangsters, homes converted to rubblestrees broken from the bottom or uprooted. Curfew was enforced. I remember sitting on the steps for the military to stop by and drop food off. I happily ran up the street and thankfully told them how the number of individuals in my personal family and the soldiers gave me a box of very well packaged foods. We remained out of school for approximately 2 months and significantly more than a few weeks with power and water.

During all those moments, a rip never rolled down my eyes, all I wanted to do was live. But 28 years later, tears flooded my eyes, scared of this unknown and the frustrating part was that there was no term on main stream press that Hurricane Maria was directly hitting St. Croix.

Many folks over the mainland, tuned into CNN, FOX, ABC information, however there was no phrase of St. Croix. As if St. Croix does not exist. Sure, Maria devastated St. Croix and 2 days later, I found out that Maria additionally resisted the already devastated islands of St. Thomas and St. John. The inquiry is,”If the press doesn’t report something, did it happen? Don’t think of any of it, let me answer this question,”Yes, Hurricane Maria ruined the United States Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands”

About Sept 6, President Donaldtrump wrote about Twitter that he spoke with Governor Kenneth Mapp of the Virgin Islands and’We are with you ‘ This has been an email regarding Hurricane Irma. I’m not positive when President Trump was informed concerning Maria hitting St. Croix, however, either way, I need President Trump along with also the people of the united states to know that United States Virgin Islands (St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John) were demolished by the Arab of IRMA and MARIA bad eyes.

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