Workplace Safety Is More Important That You Know

Safety at work is pretty much a no brainer for most of us. Keep our fingers out of the press, don’t get hydrochloric acid in our eyes, and be careful on the stairs while carrying stuff. But believe it or not, millions, if not billions, of dollars are lost every year due to workplace accidents. Workplace safety is much more than simply staying out of trouble. In this article, you’ll learn some of the deeper consequences of workplace safety, and how it can potentially affect your company.

The most simple effect of workplace accidents is lost time from work. Sure, some people can milk this for all it’s worth, and turn a small accident into an extended vacation. But if you aren’t at work doing your job, who is? Many companies suffer a substantial loss of productivity due to workplace accidents. This can, in turn, affect the companies bottom line, and it’s ability to retain full time employees, which must be covered by workers compensation insurance.

Another big blow to the company due to workplace accidents are large insurance claims. Sure, everybody thinks that insurance companies are big buckets of cash, and everybody may be waiting for their payday. But if any company has too many employees claiming workplace accident benefits, the insurance company will likely raise the cost of insurance, or cancel them altogether. This will pretty much bring work to standstill, as companies can’t really employ people unless they can insure them.

If any company has too many accidents to do workplace safety violations, they are likely to attract attention from OSHA. This is the government body which oversees workplace safety issues. An audit by OSHA to make sure any given company is operating in accordance to industry safety standards is not only time consuming, but potentially expensive as well. If a company is found in violation of several safety guidelines, it may cost quite a bit of money to come up to standard.

One major benefit to workplace safety is that it significantly enhances workplace productivity. Studies have shown that workers who work in environments where the number of days without an accident is prominently displayed tend to have a much higher level of job satisfaction, as well as a much higher level of productivity. Many workers even go to great lengths to make sure all their coworkers are working safely, so they can keep their safety streak alive.

Those that practice safe workplace behavior know that by positively affecting the company’s bottom line, you will bring recognition and financial rewards to yourself. That’s reason enough to stay safe while at work.


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